Win prizes by filling out the Del Taco Survey

Fill out the Del Taco Survey and Win Free Rewards!

Del Taco is an American franchise. One of the ways that Del Taco provides its customers with the opportunity to win rewards is through the Del Taco Survey. All you have to do is go to and you can win rewards simply for following the instructions below and completing the survey.

Surveys like the Del Taco Survey are very helpful for the franchise to help produce loyal customers that are happy and satisfied with their experience at the store. It also helps them find the people who are not happy and as a result, understand exactly what caused them to have a bad experience, so they can use the feedback to improve on their current conditions and make the experience as helpful as possible for the customer.

How to complete the Del Taco Survey

  1. Open your computer and open up your preferred web browser. In the search bar, enter in the following address:
  2. Choose your language of preference, from either English or Spanish.
  3. On the next page, in the space provided, enter in the Location Number specific to the restaurant that you visited. This can be found on your receipt.
  4. Next, enter in the 15 digit Survey Code in the space provided.
  5. Finally, click ‘Start’ to begin the survey.
  6. Over the next few pages, give your opinion on the various questions posed. Answer all of the questions as truthfully as you can.
  7. Once you have answered all of the questions, you may be asked to provide personal details. These are necessary to provide demographic based information which is very important when it comes to analysing all of these questions.
  8. Provide contact details so you can be easily contacted in case of winning.

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